Module 3 – Critical analysis and creative media production for gender issues

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In this module, you will learn how to critically analyse and evaluate gender representation in the media and pop culture.

The first unit of the module will introduce you to various critical analysis methods of media messages and practices and their limitations in the learning process. Textual, contextual and content analysis will receive a special focus. You will learn to evaluate how different media and products of pop culture represent gender and how they contribute to its social construction.
Unit 2 will further develop the critical analysis approach of gender representation. It teaches you how to combine critical analysis methods with creative media production this time. Creating your own media products as a process to critique other media content and practices should help you better understand gender construction and provide more diverse/alternative narratives and perspectives about gender media representation. This approach generally increases the relevance of the teaching and learning act and helps improve the learning results.
Finally Unit 3 focuses on gender representation within selfies shared online especially on social media, a practice that has become very popular for self-presentation and communication online, especially among young people. Creating and sharing selfies online are gendered processes too and serve different purposes. The unit uses celebrities and influencers’ self-presentation online as didactic material to help analyse how these gendered processes work. It will also touch on the economic dimension of selfies used online. This final unit also encourages you to reflect on the users’ personal and emotional investment in the media, including your own.

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