eMerge project is a European project taking place in Belgium, Greece, Italy and Romania.
It aims to empower teachers’ skills in media literacy in order to deconstruct with students the gender representations and stereotypes rooted in their media practices and pop cultures.

Across Europe

In Belgium, in Italy, in Greece, in Romania : about 50 teachers got involved in this media literacy project about representations and gender.


Module 4 – Planning and evaluating Media Education activities

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Module 3 – Critical analysis and creative media production for gender issues

In this module, you will learn how to critically analyse and evaluate gender representation in the media and pop culture.

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Module 2 – Gender issues in the classroom

This unit presents the social mechanisms which construct genders, with a special focus on the role of media in this construction. Media have been representing genders in stereotypical ways, a fact which could be also attributed to the “male gaze”, the dominant male perspective. Finally, the concept of intersectionality is discussed, as the ways in which gender overlaps - or intersects - with other forms of individual characteristics or other forms of oppression.

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Module 1 – Media education and popular culture

This first module aims to introduce to the concept of media education and popular culture. Starting from the participants' representations about media education and popular culture, this modules gives the theoretical framework of this e-training.

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A transnational collaboration

Our partners

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