To make Candide travelling through Podcasts in QuestionLand

In the 18th century, French philosophers such as Voltaire would often use fiction to question their society’s norms. Let’s suppose that we are today’s philosophers! And, we have decided to question our society’s current norms. While, in the 18th century the issue was to denounce royal absolutism or religious obscurantism, nowadays our target will be gender inequalities.

The idea is to use the same technique as Voltaire and to produce stories told from the view point of a character with a falsely naive perspective on our world’s media representations so as to question them. The final goal will be to produce a podcast, which will place the stories in oral tradition and help students discover sound expression techniques. The chosen literary style ensures that the story is accessible to everyone and suitable for younger children.

Therefore, at a later stage, the stories will be played for primary school classes, so as to leverage the children’s imaginations and lay the groundwork for a reflection on children’s existing media representations.


Candide dreams her life in colours (Podcast – in French)