Deconstruction of gender stereotypes in social media and influencers through memes

In the social life of adolescents, it is now customary to create a profile, true or false, and to connect in the most varied virtual contexts. The use of avatars is consolidated thanks to the spread of increasingly complex and structured video games in which boys and girls are transported to a virtual universe where anyone can apparently do and be what they want. 

The movie Ready Player One (Spielberg, USA, 2018) is the starting point of this exploration of the possibilities offered by experiences in virtual worlds and online games to personal development and to fight against stereotypes and prejudices on gender.

The process of creation of various avatars to identify in allows students to reflect on gender stereotypes and to develop critical thinking on the topic against discrimination

-The woman has the same rights as man 

I agree 
-You are right 
-I really don’t think so

After analyzing social profiles of well-known influencers and some stereotyped situations typical of social networks