Videogames and virtual worlds: create your Avatar against Gender stereotypes

It takes the challenge of gender representations into virtual worlds. Students reflect on the management of identity between real and virtual, then experience the creation of avatars for fairer and more respectful representation and assessment (self, peer). Students will reflect on the use of avatars as an expression of the self. They will also focus on the social motivations of videogaming (competitiveness, need for sociality, positive/negative body image of the self, etc..)

Looking at Gender from Literary and Historical Texts to Alternative Media Production

Students get familiarised with the concepts of stereotype, prejudice and essentialization through literary and historical texts. Through this course, they become aware of gender stereotypes by identifying them in literary/historical/media texts. They finally make their own alternative media products (memes, gifs, videos – filmed speech, interview, trailer, multimedia materials – collages, remixes).